How To: Keep Your Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar Neat and Organized.

Keep Your Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar Neat and Organized.

So you have a lot of bookmarks... well I do too... But I found a simple trick that you can use to make that messy bookmarks bar look better, hold more bookmarks, and just be sexier....

The Chrome bookmark bar is a very useful tool. Instead of having to type in all your favorite websites every time you want to go to it, you can just simply create a bookmark of it. But what happens when your bookmark bar gets filled up? Some of your favorite bookmarks get shoved off to the side and then you have to click on the little arrow and go look for them.

So to fix that, here is a simple step by step.

Step 1:

Right-click any icon in your Bookmarks Bar, then click Edit.

Step 2:

Remove the text from the Name field, then click Save.

Step 3:

Presto! Now you've got just the favicon for that favorite.

Step 4:

Repeat the process for all the other icons in your Bookmarks Bar.

Keep in mind that because not every Web site has an easily identifiable favicon, you might not want to take this approach for each and every favorite.

For example, sites like Facebook, Ebay, and PC World have instantly recognizable favicons. But others are more vague, and if you have any bookmarklets, those are usually represented by nothing more than a gray globe -- and therefore shouldn't be shortened.

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