Forum Thread: Can Technology Actually Save the Healthcare Industry?

There Is a Common Theme That the Healthcare Industry Is Stuck in the Past. Stuck in the Past of Piles and Piles of Paperwork and Old Systems.

That being said the modern tech guys are screaming out loud that technology is the answer to a more productive and efficiency way of working. Many of the tech guys are even saying technology can save even more lives and improve the quality of care. If this is the case why is it some of us are against the use of technology if it is for the greater good?

Are People Afraid of Technology Taking Over Their Jobs or Are They Afraid of Change?

We can look at events like The Xpert Event where professionals from residential care homes were given an insight into how something as simple as a care management system can improve their services. The guest came in with an unwelcoming view of technology however after the events the feedback was amazing as they became technology ambassadors


So what do we think?
Absolutely 100% technology can save the healthcare industry.

What Are Your Views?

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