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One may ask, is it really necessary for one to keep his documents on cloud storage? The answer is yes. It's a disaster recovery remedy. All the businesses and institutions should invest in an emergency backup plan or cloud storage that can quickly create a second exact copy for all of your essential documents. The main benefit or an advantages from these cloud storages is, they can be accessed from anywhere under the connection of internet. They are safe and away from human intervention. It has also got some great security options for its user too. Here are top three vaults.

Wuala, it is one of those secured cloud storage vaults in which the security is of two ways. Wuala is offered by LaCie Company. The two-way protection includes the client-side end to end encryption and the zero-knowledge password policy. At an end to end encryption, the data before being transferred to the vault is beforehand converted into encrypted files so that if a data breach or loss of records occurs, it may remain unreadable. And the zero-knowledge means that the password of your vault is limited to yourself and no one except you can access your account not even the vaults professionals. The price offered by Wuala is 20 GB for $4 per month and Wuala offers 5GB of storage for free.

Tresorit is a cloud storage provider which claims to be the most secure cloud storage service. One matter, there's no question in the security options provided by the service provider. The security includes client-side encryption, secure data transfer and is equipped with physical security measures against the intrusion. This vault also offers the same securities like Wuala. But the only drawback is if you forgot your password all of the data gets a lock as no one other than you is allowed to interfere your data. The only difference is there is no need to go specially and transfer the files to cloud storage. You don't need to drag and drop the files into a secure 'Tresor.' You can right click on the existing folder and Tresor it. It is a very convenient method compared to others. Tresor offers 5GB of storage for free, and an additional 100 GB will cost you 5 euros or just under $7 per month.

FutureVault, it is a cloud storage vault who's CEO is Mr. G. Scott Paterson Toronto. This special vault runs under a unique tagline of B2B2C, which is known as business to business to customers. This vault is under white label SaaS platform. This vault is mainly and specially designed for the people of the household to maintain their essential documents. The vault is designed in such a way that is has got individual sections in it. In which you can put your stuff and no need to differentiate and make other parts. It is very much favorable to the household people. This vault also comes with a dual security feature in which it includes double end-to-end encryption and password facility.

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