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How to make international calls from magicApp?

It is a very simple exercise to perform. All you need doing to make the international calls from magicApp is to buy prepaid calling credits and follow the required steps. Entire process can be completed in few minutes. Call MagicJack customer Service executives if face any kind of problem during the procedure.

You will certainly find the dependable assistance over a simple request.

How to reap the benefits of text messaging?

Services of text messaging are available to every subscriber of magicJack. Never keep careless attitude towards this facility because you have the convenience of free calling. According to the experts, it proves of great use to complete different kinds of tasks in an easier manner.

What is the cost of text messaging?

Convenience of text messaging is effectively free to enjoy. You just need to subscribe Second Line premium at the cost of $9.99 per year. To subscribe in a hassle free manner, you can confidently depend upon App Store or Google Play. Always keep in mind, aforementioned services can be renewed only. Similar plan is no longer available for new subscribers.

Use magicApp while traveling internationally?

magicJack App benefits you with distortion-free calling while travelling internationally. Subscribers just require connecting smart phone or tablet to a wi-fi connectivity. Always prefer wi-fi network to make the calls. Usage of 3G/4G data network will require higher cost to make the calls. Use wireless connectivity to become a smart user.

magicApp account for multiple mobile devices ( smart phone, tablet, iPod)?

One magicJack device allows app to be used on a maximum of five devices. But, this facility comes with restriction. At a time, subscriber can only reap the benefits of app at only one device. So, you have to log out first on previous gadget before logging in on the new one. You also need to keep in mind that all five devices vitally have to be running on same mobile operating system family Apple's iOS or Android. Algorithms of magicJack currently do not support multiple operating systems. Further details can be checked with the customer care executives through the help of a phone call.

How to download magicApp?

magicApp is easy to download through App Store on iOS enabled devices or from Google Play for Android Smartphone or tablet. You can also depend upon Amazon App Store without any confusion. You also need to agree with all terms and conditions. Without doing so, it would be highly difficult get the fully-functioning magicApp.

*Does magicApp

support WiFi and 3G/4G carrier networks?*

A long team of skilled and talented technicians has configured magicApp to work perfectly over wi-fi and 3G/4G connectivity. However, you are advised to use magicApp over wi-fi connectivity for better calling and experience. 3G/4G connectivity is also supported but it requires significant charges and it does not make any sense. magicJack is especially designed to enjoy unlimited calling without compromising on monetary terms. Always do the needful to make yourself a great beneficiary with free calling facility.

More info Visit Here:- MagicJack Customer service
Contact No. 1-833-783-3300

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