Forum Thread: Amazon Finally Solved an Annoying Issue with Fire TV

Both the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are going to receive a software update ultimately that brings stronger search features, troubleshooting the most criticized features of the platform. Both products alongside Amazon Fire Stick support have added more than 75 new applications as well as channels to global search. This implies you don't require digging in every application for finding what you are searching for. Rather, you can look up an actor or a topic from the global search and find every appropriate result instantly.

Complete Users Guide For Amazon Fire TV Stick

The most recent update brings customized recommendations for services like HBO Go and Netflix as well and eventually is going to add the similar thing for HBO Now and other applications. All subscribers to these services are going to see tailor-made recommendations straight in the home screen of Fire TV for fast access to content. Alexa, the voice assistant of Amazon also becomes smarter with the latest update. So, now you can ask Alexa for skipping or rewinding every amount of time. For instance, you can say 'rewind 30 seconds' in case you missed anything, or you can say 'skip ahead 2 minutes' for skipping the introduction of an episode.

Ultimately, Amazon is going to add the capacity of checking sports scores for the favorite teams from the Fire TV. With the use of Alexa, a user now can say 'send me the sports update' for seeing the most recent game info and scores. Also, you can select which teams to receive updates from through settings in your Alexa application.

These updates appear considerably minor; however, they help make the Fire TV device more alluring during the hard competition from Apple, Google, and Roku. So, are you a Fire TV user who found a hike in the data usage? Then, contact Amazon Fire Stick customer service right away.

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