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Forum Thread: Promoting Your "Amazon Published" Book or eBook Online

You've just gone through the work and the excitement of completing your first book or e-book and you are ready to showcase it to the world. Now, you have to get the word out and try to get some buyers for it. This by the way, is just as strenuous if not even more so than writing the book in the first place. You will realize soon enough that you have to dig deep within yourself to market what you have created to others to make the sales. One author I know when once asked how his books managed ...

Forum Thread: How to Recover Windows Deleted Files

The video will provide the information on the cause of Data corruption, deletion, and how you can recover the temporary or permanently deleted data. Obtaining data recovery process in retrieving back your data can be useful but obtaining the most suited procedure is more important when it comes to your data. Watch the video and get yourself informed about what is best for you in such situations.

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